ARMA is a sliding system designed for standard dimensions in sliding systems. Its name means “Equipment”, thereby representing the simplicity and aesthetic applicability provided by sliding systems. The high performance required for sliding systems is waiting for you in the series ARMA.

• 75 mm sash height, 32 mm sash width, 40 mm transom width, 45 mm frame height, 20 mm polyamide thermal break, possibility to apply 20-22 mm glass thickness and a maximum sash carrying capacity of 120 kg,
• With minimal profile thickness, decorative and aesthetic look, a perfect harmony is present with modern architectures,
• An innovative design that provides high air&water tightness with perfect accessories that makes one feel the ease of sliding systems,
• Production varieties developed for easy manufacturing and installation,
• A Lift & Slide possibility with the profiles designed for the sliding system,
• IQ COLORS and IQ EFFECTS”, special static colors, wonderful anodizing surfaces and wood effects provide you with modern and aesthetic colour options.