-VİVA-SUNROOF is a comfortable foldable winter garden product.
-It consists of glass panels sliding on each other through aluminium carrier rails and special opening mechanisms.
-it provides % 75 ventilation through opening glass panels.
-Available with various uv filtering special glass options such as low-e, solar low-e, tentesol etc.
-Motor motion screens could be used under or above the glass panels in order to increase the solar control.
- It could comfortably be used under any weather condition.
Technical Feautures :

Main Carrier     : Aluminium Profile
Glass Combination    : Laminated temp. double glazing 6 mm glass + 16 hb + (4+4)
Width            : Unlimited in single system
Length           : Max 10 m in single system.
Control: Remote control
Motor              : 1 tube motor for each glass axis